Types of heat fan for gtx560?

For gtx 560, what type of fan is the quietest? best thermal performance? double fan? single fan with plastic cover? or other weird looking one?
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  1. the "blower style" one moves the most air but is the loudest......

    the one fan ones are quieter

    and the 2 fan ones are quieter than that at lower speeds....but at 100% fan speed they can be louder than the one fan solutions........keep in mind that the single fan will prolly need 100% more often than the 2 fan

    good luck.....

    id recommend asus' dcii cooling


    currently out at the moment,,, it'll be back shortly....but if you cant wait


  2. hmmm so at idle 2 fan is quieter.

    when i check review for the oc asus at full stress goes up to 85 degree, isnt it too high? can you underclock it back to a normal clock rate when not gaming andwill the power consumption/temperature goes back to normal when you do it?

    ps does it come with mini hdmi/dvi to hdmi adapter?
  3. Be very careful what card you decide to purchase period. These types of cards are very far from idiot proof as past generations used to be. The problem with such coolers is they tend to take up three or more slots when you consider the air flow. Then the fans are often fragile and weak, I have had bad luck with these when it came to the bearings while others have been worse off when fins would break off during use. They often do not push enough air through the cooler to be functionally able to cool the vram and power vrm below it. I suggest that you just learn to live with noise and go for a reference style card or another with a blower style fan.
  4. 85 is a lil high but that has so many variables that will be different in your case that its actually non applicable.... my 2 asus 6970's (with 0 slot spacing in between btw)never get above 72c when pushed.....

    my advice to you would be to go with a 570 instead if a 560Ti is not enough and needs a hard overclock to meet your expectations........
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