Could my motherboard or cpu be defective?

hi i built a computer and im having some trouble but first here are the specs
pentium 4 cedar mill @3ghz stock
gigabyte ga-g41m-es2l mobo
video onboard, then used a bfg 7800gt factory oc
psu ocz modx stream 500w modual, more than enough for a setup
memory xms2 @800mhz
sata hdd wd blue
ide dvd/cd drive i pulled from an ole dell

ok so i set everything up, i dont have a case so its sitting on the anti static packaging, using a paper clip to power on

intel stock cooler was tricky to install, as i was installing windows xp, i noticed the cooler was slanted and i didnt push the front two pins all the way down, as i preceded to push them down the screen went blue with black icons and smiley faces? like sysmbols during the format of the hdd. i used the thermal paste that was on the heatsink so i was good there. after succesfully installing the os, and chipset drivers, i installed the 7800gt and all was well. i checked out the bios, so see what all this hype was about the award winning bios, cpu temp was reported at 27c which is about 80f . the processor i used received well reviews on overclocking, one as far as 4ghz on air. the mobo had dual bios and great oc techniques. while in the bios i changed the boot order as i always do with a new pc to hdd 1st so quicker load times. then i checked out the overclock sectione, my cpu was listed running at 2.4ghz a little underclocked i guess, the is i hit the change multiplier section to see what it could be changed to bam! it cut off. everytime i try to turn it on the fans spin up and turn off. i checked my psu by plugging in to ed pc i had and she worked, i took everything off my mobo except cpu, i stick of memory and used onboard video. same thing. i tried resetting the cmos, i dont know if i did it right, i unplugged power, i only have a 2 pin clear cmos thing with no jumper, i used a jumper from a dell pc, took the battery out for about 3 minutes and placed it back in, removed jumper and still nothing. so frustrated i went to bed last night and started messing with it this morning, only to find out its worse, the cpu fan wont even spin, i just hear a click or some power on like noise and turns off, fan is plugged in.

i must say if i have to get a motherboard i will be dissapointed with this gigabyte dual bios crap, i never even saved my bios or hit enter to apply change to mulltiplier or overclock.

could it be my cpu, oh wait the was underclocked and from the reviews i read the cedar mills are virtually bullet proof :(
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  1. You need to have the cmos jumper installed to post. Check your motherboard manual for the correct pin position; could be 1-2 covered. Pin number one is marked with white id. The dual bios is a good feature; if you have a bad bios flash, it will save you from having a dead motherboard.
  2. Some mobo have a LED light and when power is fed it is turns ON. If this is the case and their is a good chance it will be ok. if not try using another power supply - remove the video card, ram, hard disk, cd rom - just the cpu and the mobo. And the cmos jumper should be on the right slot (pls check the manual for this). It should be work - a sound should be heard. . . tell me what you have found out.
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