I5-2500k and i7-2600k multiplier tool

Are there any (or a preferred) tool for setting the multiplier on-the-fly within Windows? My asus board came with a utility that lets you do that, but it's a bulky install that adds a bunch of other things I do NOT want. Not looking to change the frequency or anything... but just to force a specific multiplier.
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  1. i dont think there is one outside of gigabyte motherboards with their hybrid uefi. but that might require a reboot.
    guess this is one thing amd still has over intel.
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by gigabyte-only or an AMD advantage here... I have an Asus P6P58 Deluxe and it has the utility on CD to switch multipliers on-the-fly. I was just looking for something that didn't have all the baggage of the Asus utility suite. It's an EFI bios... according to my EFI, you can change the multiplier via the OS so long as all of the cores are clocked together.
  3. i guess you never used amd overdrive. its a very easy to use overclocking utility for black edition processors. you can overclock a single core at a time and all to different levels. with out any extra programs with it. that was my reference to amd still having one thing over intel.
  4. Dude I suggest to O.C manually, don't use additional software because in most cases they screw up somewhere. There are plenty of O.Cing guides, just google'em or use the ones on this forum.
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