The End of My Sorrows (CAN IT WORKS WITH 4870 X2) ?

You know that 4870 X2 has an airplane fan and it is very noisy.
Today I found this:

What kind is the pink material?
Can I use it with my 4870 X2?

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  1. I could not find information about it in their website.. not 295 nor 4870!
  2. The pink material is the copper water block. It's a water cooled card.
  3. orangegator said:
    The pink material is the copper water block. It's a water cooled card.

    The water coolers do not make sounds, aren't they?

    Also, is this "pink copper water block" available for 4870 X2?

    If it is that will give me more space (the fan of 4870 x2 takes one pci slot).
  4. Here is a five made for your 4870x2.
    Danger Den DD-4870 -X2 Water Block for ATI Radeon 4870X2 $139.95

    Koolance VID-487X2 (Radeon HD 4870 X2) [no nozzles] $139.99

    XSPC Razor ATI Radeon 4870X2 Full Coverage VGA Water Block $99.95

    Watercool HEATKILLER® GPU-X² 4870/4890 LT Water Block for ATI 4870X2 $114.95

    Bitspower BP-WBVGA4870X2-BK Black Freezer GPU Block for ATI 4870X2 Video Cards $129.95

    What kind is the pink material?
    Believe that is unpolish Copper.
  5. thank you.. thats perfect!
  6. Ummm I would like to point out something Given you don't seem to know much about water cooling I would like to say a word of warning.

    Water cooling can be dangerous if not done right. Water and computer parts don't mix and you could short out the whole computer if there is even a very small leak. You also need to have the space inside or out of your case for all the parts. before you go trying something like this make sure you really want to do it.
  7. ^ Agreed.
    Im fairly experienced and i screwed up once and there went my motherboard luckily a little rma took care of it.
  8. Even if you don't mess up the install you can always end up with a water block that starts leaking after a while. It really isn't something someone who doesn't even know what a water block is should try to do. This is also going to cost more then getting a after market fan that is quiet.

    Water block - around 4139.
    Heat Exchanger - $30
    Hoses - $10
    Pump - $40

    Those are random numbers off the top of my head but their fairly close. For about the price of the pump alone you could go get a quiet after market fan.
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