Choose your fan ! 6-Fan Battle

Ok guys, regardless of the price, which one would you choose ? Quiet is best and performance come second.

Here are the fans :

All of em are 4-pin PWM. Right now i'm leaning toward the Enermax because of the detachable blades. But beside that, I have no clue on whiche one I should choose !

Let me know
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    The Arctic Cooling ones are quite good, I have one of them, although it is way outperformed by my Cooler Master fans. Why is there no CM option?
  2. The fourth fan is a cooler master :P
  3. cooler master fan
  4. Lol oops I missed it sorry... Yeah either the CM or the Arctic cooling, but personally, I would take a Cooler Master fan over almost anything else
  5. No Scythe fans with the fluid dynamic bearing?
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