Cannot connect Adsl modem wtih wifi router.

I have an adsl modem(ZXDSL 831CLL) and wifi router by Aztech (DSL605EW). The problem is that i can use the modem directly with my computer but when i connect it with the wifi router, i dont get any gateway reply. This is an IP conflict but I can't fix it. I hope someone can help.. thanks..
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  1. Put the DSL modem in Bridge Mode.
  2. But then i would have to create a dial-up connection for it right ? That way, i can't use wifi on my phone because it says that there's no gateway reply. Any other method ??
  3. 1. Connect with the modem only.
    Run the "ipconfig /all" command in a CMD window.
    Write down the IP addresses, DNS addresses, Gateway address.

    2. Attach the wireless router.
    Access the router configuration page and check the addresses the router was given by the modem.
    (User manual from the manufacturer might help.)
    Run the "ipconfig /all" command on your computer in a CMD window.
    Check the addresses the router gave your computer.

    OR 3. Disable the router features in the wireless router. Use it as an access point.
    I did this for my LAN.
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