Need to reset password to account

I have a good friend which is having issues with his Win7 Home Premium computer.
The issue is simple, he forgot his password to his account and can't enter the computer anymore.
How can i bypass this password and then change it into something else?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. It was easy on xp and vista, i'm not sure it cn be one on win 7, is there a password recovery disk by any chance you get the option to make one during the installation process.
  2. As far as i know, the computer didn't come with any CDs.
    It was Pre-Built and as stated, no cds were in the package.

    I know that it's possible with a CD but i need to know how to bypass the password and remove it without a CD.
  3. I'll give that a shot, just need to find my USB stick :P
  4. Failing that you can download a free program called "ophcrack" - make sure you use the Windows 7 download and burn the image to disc.

    Boot up with the disc and it will reveal your password :)
  5. Discussions on how to bypass passwords and security measures are not allowed on Tom's forums. We have no way to verify the ownership of the system in question.

    That being said, simply googling "remove windows password" will produce many good (easy) responses and ways to do this. It isn't hard.

    Otherwise, as the system was a pre-built, contacting the OEM is also an option. Just be prepared to provide proof of ownership.
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