My computer won't turn off. It just re-boots when I try to turn it off

I just built a new computer. These are the parts:

Intel i5 CPU
Gigabyte P55 motherboard GA-P55-UD3R
4gb DDR3 RAM 1033mhz
Nvidia 4650 1GB DDR2 RAM
600 watt power supply
Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 full-size tower
3 hard drives totalling 2GB of storage
Samsung DVD burner
Vista Home Deluxe

I put the CPU and mobo into the case which use to have several other CPU/mobo combos - Phenom 9600 and ECS mobo; Phenom X4 805 and Asus mobo; Core 2 duo E8200 and Gigabyte mobo.

The problems that I have been having are:

1. That I cannot play high definition videos anymore. I was able up to this newest mobo i5 combo.
2. The computer will not turn off. When I shut it down, it turns off and re-starts.

I was wondering if it was the power supply since the power supply has a 2x2 molex motherboard power connector while the motherboard has the 2x4 connection. Shouldn't the power supply be powerful enough?

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  1. usually its the psu in this case of th erestarting thing

    why cant you play hd videos, please expand, do you have proper software etc, the 4650 is made by ati, not nvidia

    you might wanna get some bigger hdds, 2gb is not alot
  2. Sorry, I should have proofread my post for the glaring errors. Thank you xaira fo pointing them out.

    I actually have 2tb of hard drive storage and the video card is from ati. Silly me.

    Anyway, when I am trying to play hi-def videos with Pixela software, which came with my Canon HD camcorder, I had no problems before. Now when the video starts up, the computer locks up and I have to hit the reset button to restart it.

    Also, when I exit the computer for Shut Down, it restarts.

    Thanks and any suggestions would be appreciated. I didn't have any problems when I had the other cpu's. I switched because the Intel i5 is so much faster than the others and I really like the quad.
  3. have you tried reinstalling the pixela software?
  4. Unplug your reset button from the motherboard and see how that goes.
  5. Or you could disable the Wake on Lan function in your bios? That used to cause me grief and reboot my compy or switch it on during the night.
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