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So I've been running two pairs of DDR2. A 2 and a 4 gig kit. I haven't had problems until recently so I ran memtest86 and apparently one was in trouble. I ordered some replacement RAM, but it seems that my computer does not like the new RAM paired with the old RAM. I can run the new RAM (4 gig kit) in either pair of slots individually and there are no problems with the RAM. I can also run the the old and corrupt 4 gig kit by itself as well as the old 2 Gig kit. However, if I try to put in either of those kits, even the 2 Gig kit that has no errors, with the new RAM, I get no display.

I believe everything is working. I can hear my HDDs spinning up and my CD drive starts up just fine running the memtest86 CD as well as all fans working. Is the RAM in conflict somehow and how would I troubleshoot this?
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  1. The timings or voltage may be different. You can't always mix ram. Return the new ram or sell it and just use the 4 gigs of old ram. 4 gigs of ram is plenty for most applications. It's not worth spending the money on 4 more gigs of the same stuff. And some boards won't run with 2x2 gb plus 2x1 gb of ram in all 4 slots. Check your board manual for approved configurations.
  2. My previous configuration was a mixed set of Corsair 2x2 and PNY 2x1. So it seems that the configuration is fine, but I'm assuming it's a mixed voltage issue. The stick that went bad was one of the 2x2 which would put me down to 2 total with the 2x1.

    I do a lot of gaming and video editing as well as miscellaneous multi-tasking, so I'm not keen on going down on RAM. I'm thinking I might just have to go up to 8 if I can't resolve the mismatching issue and stick the 2x1 in storage.
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