Seeking aid finding a new graphics card

Ello all!

Recently, my ATI 4850 bit the dust. I bought this card last July, and have been pushing the thing to it's limits, so it's no surprise.

Now, however, I need to go about replacing it. I would appreciate some aid in selecting a mid - high range card that will run/not be bottle necked by my system. Below are my specs.

Memory = 4 GB's of Corsair DDR2 800
OS = Vista Premium 64 Bit
HD = Western Digital 7200rpm 500GB
Processor = Intel Wolfdale E8400 3.0ghz
PSU = 650W Corsair PSU, 2 6-Pins
Case = Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower

Also, I game on a 23 inch monitor, usually at 1900x1200 or am watching movies on my 32 inch 720p Samsung.

As of now, I am debating between the 4870 and 4890, although I am keeping it within the ATI sphere merely because I am not as familiar or up to date with Nvidia cards.

Budget = 100 - 400 Dollars US

I could also feasibly switch out my PSU for a larger one if needed to support a higher end card, such as the 4850x2 or the 4870x2, but I just don't think the price for performance is there yet. What do you think?, I
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  1. Get the 4890 if you really want to see a performance increase w/o bottlenecking anything.... A mild CPU overclock would help the card alot but I still dont see a reason for bottleneck......The card is 199.99 so it's well into your budget range.....

    Your PSU has enough power so don't worry about that.....
  2. 4870 is best $$/performance at the mo along with the gtx260!

    you can get both for around £100!!! I think maybe $130??
  3. You have lots of overclocking headroom in that cpu, so I would go with two 4850s, or two 4870s...even the two 4850s will outperform the 4890, and be about the same price.
  4. The 4850x2 should also be under consideration at that price, especially the 2GB version. It will outperform a 4890 without the hassle of multiple cards.
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