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I'm having some trouble with my K7S5A PRO motherboard, I just picked up some corsair pc2100 ddr dimm sticks and when I try to put them in the motherboard will not post. I've tried some different settings in the bios but to no avail. I have not tried all of them, I'm not sure what settings I should have, but this is getting really frustrating. Anyone have any solutn's?
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  1. Is your corsair single sided or double sided ram? Are you trying to mix it with other ram already in the system? Originally, this board might work with 2 512 meg sticks; if you have 1 gig sticks, it may not work. And you can't mix it with pc133 which goes in the other 2 slots.
  2. the ram is double sided - no other ram in the board. I have tried just putting the one stick in (512 megs) and the thing won't even post.
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