Noob asking How to Overclock a Core2Quad Q6600?

Hey guys, I wanna overclock my CPU but Im not enough good to do it, cause i dont know how exactly, I've read some threads about it, but Im no pretty sure, I need to increase mhz and voltage, that's why im asking...Anybody knows a good thread explaining how to do it step by step,I mean, the mhz clock,ram, voltages...everything I could need to do it right without frying my cpu :D thx for help i leave my setup if someone can Help me

OS: Win7 64Bit
CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz
RAM: DDR2 4x1GB Patriot 800mhz Dual Channel
MoBo: Asus P5B VM SE
Power Supply: Zalman 600watt
GPU: HD 5770 Vapor X
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  1. try to look at ur bios if there's a a menu for overclocking.....if non, then try to open ur case and look for ur PLL inside, take note on the numbers and the manufacturer, after that you could use a tool in windows like SetFSB or ClockGen or CPUCool.......but before you would even do it, make sure you have proper cooling and power...... ^_^
  2. There used to be lots of great guides around, including one on Toms, but a lot seem to be removed now. Searching on google I came up with these:

    I have my Q6600 G0 (refers to the stepping, G0 is easier to OC than the standard B3) overclocked to 3.2 ghz on air. I could have gone to 3.4 but was happy with that and can still play pretty much any game with it some 3 years later (depending on the gpu of course!). You'll need a new cpu cooler (you shouldn't do OC on a stock cooler) and probably good ventilation or airflow in your case.

    As the second link says, you should download some programs to check settings, temps and stability tests. The ones it mentioned are what I used oh so long ago (cpu-z, coretemp, prime95). Remember, you are looking for your highest stable overclock. So please don't leave your cpu on 3.2 if it causes stability tests to fail or your cpu temperatures hit 90C under load :)

    The third link has good info on the BIOS settings for the P5K and P5B Deluxe boards so they should be similar to what you have.

    It's going to be very hard to find exact voltages, etc as that varies by motherboard, power supply and cpu stepping. I went with 8 x 400, leaving the FSB:DRAM ratio on 1:1, to keep things simple. I later tried OC'ing my RAM but couldn't get it stable and gave up. For your reference, here are my OC voltage settings according to my BIOS on an Asus P5E motherboard but yours will very probably be different:
    Vcore = 1.25625
    DRAM = 2.04 (for DDR2 400MHz. It was rated at 1.8v but has a 2.1v setting.)
    NB = 1.29
  3. capaill said:
    There used to be lots of great guides around, including one on Toms, but a lot seem to be removed now.

    No, not removed, just moved around.

    Generic guide:

    Then look for a guide for your spefic motherboard. Unfortunately, most of my Core2 systems use Gigabyte motherboards, so I am not familiar with the Asus BIOS.
  4. Yeah take a look at guides on here and Google is a great resource.
  5. I'm still on a P5B though it's the P5B Deluxe WiFi/AP model. If you are still interested in OC'ing, I could give some insight.
  6. Glad to know I'm not the only one still running a Q6600 :) I still love mine...a great chip and still performs excellent. There are better alternatives out there, but one of the best chips ever of it's time and generation.
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