Is thus a good way to go for performance on the cheap?

Wasnt quite sure where to post this as I am trying to do a few things to breathe new life into my 4 year old home build. For starters bc I am broke at the moment(otherwise I would build a new one) i bought a 64 gb Corsair SSD. That is the extent of my purchases at the moment. For the free performance boost I hope my system will benefit from overclocking cpu and graphics card. Is this worth my while? What kind of gains can I expect while keeping a good factor of safety for my equpment? A bit of system info: AMD 64 X2 5600+ Brisbane, 8800 GTS 314mb (not sure about the 314), ASUS M2N SLI-Deluxe, 2 gb DDR2 Corsair XMS 800, and also just upgraded from vista business to 7 pro 64bit (for 30 bones!). Also is there anything else (like ram) I can overclock? Thanks in advance for the help....I am not asking for how to do it... I will do my research first, but would like to know if these are good things to look into for helping my old build last a little longer
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    You won't get as much performance by overclocking than if you bought a 2011 rig. But you will get more performance out of yours. But take note that this board doesn't feature an ajustable PCI clock which means that if you overclock the rig, every HHDs and SSDs will get overclocked as well.

    When I do overclock on my GA-965P-DS3 board (which also doesn't not offer an ajustable PCI clock so that I could "lock it" at 33MHz), I can hear my HDDs making an higher pitch noise than usual... ^-^
  2. My CPU is already loud, so I don't mind the extra noise as long as it won't fry my SSD. That's strange you can't make those adjustments independently
  3. Yeah I don't know why every manufacturers doesn't include an adjustable PCI clock so that you can lock it at 33MHz to protect your HDDs when overclocking...
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