How about SilverStone ST50F?

I want to know your opinions, guys...

I have a SilverStone ST50F 500W. What do u think about this PSU?
Is it good enough? If it compared to the other PSU such as Corsair, Antec, Enlight, Thermaltake, at the same power, which one is the best?
Could u numbered them from the best to the least?
Thx a lot.
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  1. Good enough for what ?
    It's a decent little psu, I'd put the Corsair 450 and Antec 500 above it in terms of quality.
    Don't like the way the dual 6 pin connector's are setup though.
  2. The quality, i mean...
    So u mean that my ST50F is below Corsair 450?
    Is there any chart or something like comparison of PSU's performance?
    And what kind of setup did u mention before?
  3. Please list the rest of your system components so we can make a recommendation.
  4. E6300
    2x1GB PC5300 (dual channel)
    GA 965P DS3
    2x Seagate 160 GB
    HIS X1650 Pro
    ST50F 500W.

    But i just bought a HIS HD 4850 iceQ 4 512 MB a few days ago.
    Maybe i could install it next week...

    I'm just curious about the quality of my PSU, that's all...
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  6. wow... sure u know a lots, bro...
    thanks 4 the link, it's very useful.
    I'm still reading it now...
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