Need help with IDE to USB for laptop drive

Looking for some help with pulling Data from an old laptop drive that is still good from a laptop that died. The type of drive is:

I went to a local PC parts place and purchased an external enclosure:

which ended up being totally wrong. I'm looking for a USB 2.0 to the correct IDE type of cable so I can transfer onto either my computer or another notebook. Unfortunately I cannot tell which if any have the right connectors with it. Can anyone help with a link or suggestion to the right type of cable to help with my situation? Thanks in advance for reading.
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  1. I appreciate the siggestion, but I think that might not be what I need, the connections look the same as on the PATA external bay I purchased which did not work. Maybe a picture of the drives connectors would help.

    The drive has to be "pushed" into its housing in the laptop, and there are no pins sticking out to connect to the connectors shown in your link. Again, thanks and appreciate the help.
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    Pull the black pin adapter off (make sure to pull it straight off so not to bend the pins!).
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  4. Thank you x10000 I hadn't noticed that it was a connector on the end until you pointed this out to me. The external enclosure will work, thanks for pointing out my error you have saved me time and money. Kudos! :)
  5. Your welcome! They have those adapters for SATA drives as well, so if you ever see an odd configuration for a laptop hard drive, it just may be one of those.
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