Via 4in1 v.4.17 working link

I understand that asus p3v4x this pose, pose-last century.
But incredibly like the 30% performance with the driver via 4in1 v.4.17
Give me a working link, pleeeeease.
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  1. To be honest I can't quite understand your post so I hope this is what you are looking for...........

    If that wasn't what you are looking for then maybe this link might be of use as it mentions retro VIA drivers.......

    You are looking for some old stuff. ;)
  2. apologize for the grammar.
    precisely for its absence.
    is translated with help of from Russian.

    you gave a link to version 4.37.
    I need version 4.17.
    only it.
    a familiar site. where have all the versions, but not one that is needed.
  4. I linked that site because when I filled out the operating system as windows, then XP, then Hyperion 4 in 1 it gave a VIA driver but just below it was one listed as "Retro" which it says is supposed to work with all VIA chipsets.

    I could not find the version you requested so figured that was better than nothing.

    As printed by the "Retro" driver download........
    VIA Hyperion 4in1 drivers are compatible with any VIA chipset. Performance, however, is optimized for the more recent and the latest chipsets. Therefore some users of slightly older or legacy chipsets report that using the older 4.43 drivers they experience a more responsive system. This driver package is recommended for use with the following chipsets: MVP#, Apollo Pro## series, KT1##, KN1##, KM1##, KT2##, KT333, KN2##, KM2##, P4X2##, P4X3##, P4M2##
  5. Good for you. I'm afraid I don't read Russian so would likely never have found that. :D
  6. Here is the link directly to the file
    If someone else is necessary
    LoneWolf_53: thank you that answered.
    I got the idea to put quotes in the search query when I wrote you an answer =)
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