Do i need a wireless card for my wireless netbook

I have a wireless netbook. Currently I am using Clear - where I plug an ethernet cable into the netbook.
I would like to go wireless. What do I need to do? Simply buy a wireless router? Will I need any type of card or adapter?


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  1. What is "Clear"?
  2. It used to be known as Clearwire - broadband internet
  3. Doesn't Clearwire use a USB adapter?
  4. you need i wireless router to run clear through!then you can connect your netbook to the new wirelless network that the router creates!
  5. Thanks! - that sounds pretty simple. I keep seeing about the wireless card being the same as the router. But I guess that is referring to if your computer is not already wireless.
  6. Be aware that there are different types of wireless networks. Clearwire uses WiMax technology whereas most home wireless is 802.11a/b/g/n. The 2 are not compatible.
  7. grumpy is right!
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