Weird HDD problems

Ok - Here's the story. It deals with two computer configurations "old" and "new"

Old: 250GB (Windows XP installation), 500GB (Windows 7 installation), 640GB (Storage), 1TB (Storage)
New: 1TB(unformatted), 500GB (Windows 7 installation), 640GB (Storage), 1TB (Storage)

Old works - so I get a new HDD and try new (I don't need the XP installation these days). BOOTMGR is missing
- so i load windows 7 recovery and try fixing, rebuilding and even exporting and deleting and then rebuilding the bootrec - No luck!
- I try running Windows 7 HDD only and repairing the bootrec - No luck!
- I try only putting the XP HDD in and it works!! but it asks me at the beginning (as it used to) if I want to load Windows 7 or Earlier version. I try Win 7 which obviously doesn't work - but Win XP does work.
- So I try the old config, and the computer is working as it used to.

Why is my Windows 7 installation on one HDD requiring the Windows XP installation on another HDD to work?
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  1. If I am reading this right - you had xp installed and connected one drive X while you installed Windows 7 on drive Y.
    If you try to boot windows 7 without the X drive connected it complains and won't boot?
    If I am correct - IDK but it is surely annoying. :(
    Even though I have no direct input for you I posted this in hopes that it helps you clarify and eventually get to the bottom of it...
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