What Is The Best Way To Update My New Asus Motherboard?

I just finished my first pc build. I installed a new Asus p7p55d-e pro mobo. Now I installed a few drivers after my first boot. There were so many drivers to install I've sort of lost track. I do not think I've updated the actual BIOS version yet? Should I even do that? What is the easiest way to update the BIOS? What other drivers should I install? Will the site only post the most recent versions or do you have to install all of them. I just wish someone would post the exact files I need to download and install to get my motherboard running at maximum performance. Now I feel like I'm sort of incomplete because I've only installed a few of them? Any suggestions for this motherboard would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time!

- manooly
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  1. you dont need to update the BIOS unless it specifically offers a new feature you need.

    its generally accepted that upgrading the BIOS is too complicated/risky to worry about, given it usually makes no difference to the system.
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