Ram for Asus M4A785TD-V Evo and Athlon 620

Looking at getting the Athlon X4 620 and Asus M4A785TD-V Evo however I am having trouble finding some ram that works. I'm pretty sure I have found some ram that will work with the MB but I checked on another site which said the ram wasn't compatible with the cpu. I am looking at Crucial CT2KIT25664BA1339, can someone tell me if this is compatible with the CPU and MB and if not then could you suggest an alternative for around the £80-£100 mark?
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  1. 4x Dual Channel DDR3 (1800 O.C./1600 O.C./1333/1066/800 MHz)

    any ram will do as long as it is DDR3 , i dunno whats with all this compatibility with ram. If a mobo cant see/use a certain manufacturers RAM then it clearly sucks ... :/ , or in some cases the RAM manufacturers suck, but dont buy crappy ram.

    AM3 CPUs use ddr 3.
    your mobo uses DDR 3.
    Either go with 2x2GB modules or 4x1GB modules and go ganged mode so each core gets 1 stick or RAM since u got quad-core. OCZ, Corsair, basilix, whatever works.
    Check what voltages the RAM u want use and see if your mobo has that kind of power in the stick slots. If u plan OC check if u can alter the RAM voltages and by how much. Post the site u checked and it said its not compatible. Maybe the mobo has a buggy memory controler :D. Who knows, anything is possible.

    What i know is that on my old AM2 board i tested like all the RAM modules possible, from kingmax to Sycron and elixir, and they all worked flawlessly, ofcourse some OCed lower then others but that counts in the RAM manuf. too .

    anyway thats my 2 cents.
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