PCI 9400GT vs PCI-E 9400GT

Hi, I'm new to the forum and I have a question about a video card. I am NOT a hardcore gamer and I don't need a very powerfull card but I do play some old games now and then. I have an old Dell desktop:

OS-Windows XP Pro/Windows 7
PSU-575W (upgraded from 230W)
CPU-P4 @ 2.8ghz
RAM-2.5gb DDR2
HDD-SATA 160gb+250gb external
GPU-ancient ATI radeon 9250 (PCI)

Because my current card does not fully support windows vista/7 or directx 9 O_o I decided to upgrade but because I have an old motherboard my only option is a PCI which is not so great for gaming but is more then good enough for me. I found a 9400GT 1gb DDR2 PCI by EVGA that is compatible with my system but they also have PCI-E version of the same card with 1gb DDR2 but it costs 15$ less, I know that PCI-E is much more advanced but how much difference does it make in games since both cards use same GPU and RAM, I wasn't able to find benchmarks on the card though. Does anyone know the difference in performance between those two? Any help apreciated.

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  1. The card whether pci or pic-e is a crap.
    Not suitable for gaming at all.

    You can get a HD 4670 for very cheap and will play almost all games at decent quality.
    It has DDR3 memory and its more than twice as fast as 9400GT.

    Better get that if you really want your money to be used in the right thing.
  2. the best the pci vga can handle is 2d graphic
  3. PCI has a bottleneck: communication with CPU and RAM is much slower than through AGP (8 times faster) or PCIe (16 times faster). A PCI card is enough if you can't afford to buy a new computer and are only into entertaining yourself with light games, watching some non-HD films, using it for folding@home, etc.

    However, if you keep spending money in several upgrades (graphics, memory, disks, faster CPU, better PSU), save it for a new computer. It will end much cheaper and even much better. DDR2 is actually cheaper than DDR. PCIe cards are cheaper than AGP counterparts. And so on, because production of value material is limited, thus more expensive. True story.
  4. So, what slot did you have on your motherboard? only PCI? or PCIE? AGP?
    Motherboard? brand? model?
    Seriously, PCI card is not meant to be played... :)
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