No signal from motherboard.

Scouted through this forum a bit, and couldn't find a solution that worked for me, so here goes...

Recently a computer of mine stopped powering up. I immediately figured that the PSU died, so I replaced the PSU and got the computer to power on, but could not get a signal to the monitor (no post, no bios, no nothing). I then decided that the PSU probably took the motherboard with it, so I replaced the motherboard with an identical motherboard, but i still cant get a signal to the monitor. I have tried a different video card that I know to be in working order (also identical to the original), new RAM, a second new PSU, a second monitor that i know to be working, and multiple DVI/VGA cables. All components are getting power (fans spin on PSU, Video card, and Heatsink). Other than the CPU, it is basically a completely different PC from what it was when the original PSU died.

Mobos: HP P5LP-LE (Emery Version) (no onboard video)
Processor: Intel E6400 Core2Duo
Video cards: Nvidia 8800GTS

I am out of ideas, any help would be great.

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  1. Anyone have any thoughts? I am open to anything at this point.
  2. Could really use some help on this if anyone has any thoughts...
  3. hmm....
  4. If you don't get a POST beep it could be that the PSU toasted the CPU too. Have you try clearing the CMOS?
  5. ya a fried CPU was my next thought, although i am trying to be optimistic. I did clear the CMOS, but it did nothing. I may invest in a PCI post card to see if that can give me a clear explanation of the problem.....if i'm lucky. Thanks for the reply, keep them coming as I am completely out of ideas.

  6. See if there are any bent pins on the CPU. Check to see if the CPU is seating properly on the socket. Try taking the MB out of the case and set it on a static free surface and see if it will boot. Try booting with just one stick of RAM and try different DIMM slots. That's about all I can think of for now.
  7. Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Having two identical or similar systems (one working :) )will considerably aid in the troubleshooting process.
  8. Alright well i tried/checked everything in the above posts. I've pretty much come to the conclusionP that the CPU was taken with the SU. Thanks for the replys folks, they are very much appreciated.
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