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i just bought a pc from packardbell. quad core 2.3 GHZ. 4g ram and Geforce g100. runing window 7 RC and it is pretty bad at gameing. it has low framrate at devil may cry 4 at low. so i was going to buy a grahic card. having done a bit of reaseach i was confused like nividia rebranding, how higher number doesnt mean better and power suplyy etc. and i dont know which is the best, and compatible. so please help me choose a grahic card. my buget is around £100 or below. oh and does it matter if is it from pny or bfg etc?

here is full spec on the pc:

monitor and speaker has seperate plug-dont know if that matters

ps will the game run faster if i downgrade to xp?
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  1. Your best bet would be to get a HD4670. Out of stock here, but you could look for a different e-tailer where it's in stock or cheaper.

    One of the biggest limits on your graphic card is the power available from your power supply. To get a more powerful graphic card you'd probably have to upgrade your power supply also. XP wouldn't make an appreciable difference on speed.
  2. so what is the max power i can get? is say 230V and 2amp at the back. does that mean i can use card with minium power supply requirment 460W or below?

    and do i have a 6pin pci-e?
  3. 4870x2 ftw
  4. oh how come everybody suggest ati card in other post too? is it much better than nvidia?
  5. How do you know wha tpower supply your computer is currently running?
  6. i dont no if i am right but power(watt)=voltage x amp and on my back it say 230v and 2 amp, so i guess my psu is 460watt. meh.. i am probably wrong.
  7. shut down your computer, unplug it, remove your side panel, find your power supply. There will be a sticker on it that lets you know what it's rated at, look at the connectors, is there a 6 pin pcie plug? Blow the dust out while you're in there.
  8. my recommendation:

    9600 GT from NVidia
    HD4670 from ATi

    u can go to nvidia / amd/ati website directly to check its spec

    anyway feel free to choose/buy card that u think best for u ;)
  9. hmmm 250 watt?....but the Nvidia G100 require 300Watt. did i read the wrong thing?....geez guess i have to but a new psu. can anyone recommend me one? or does any one will fit?

    HD4670 require 400watt also so if i can run that card then doesnt mean i can run all other too? like 9800gt

    ohh i think i have a 6pin pci e
  10. maybe a 4770 they use really little electricity for a great performance (40nm) and they are getting more frequent again (earlyer they were out of stock)
  11. my psu is FSP FSP250-60HEN 250W can anyone tell me if i can run 4770 or 4670 as they require 400w.

    would it explore if i overload the psu?
  12. maybe u should change your PSU.i think it is better to run the card with its recommended power as mentioned by the manufacturer. i don't think that your psu will explode but in return your pc might not boot up when u install those card into your pc.anyway check this:

    not really sure if this useful.
  13. performance wise is there a bigh diffrent between 4670 and 4770? and what nvidia card they are equal to?

    guess i have to upgrade a new psu.
  14. i'm not really sure how big the difference between the two but many people recommending 4770. u can check reviews and benchmark if u are interested. as for your second question have u read tom's best graphic card for month yet? at the end of the article lies the answers for your question. :)
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