Still seeking answers for my Asus system

I have an Asus M2N MX SE. Here's the story so far:

1) Back in December, my system started BSOD-ing on me, randomly. I would be burning a DVD, maybe watching youtube or what-not and I'd get the blue screen of death. I tried to write down what specifically was going on, the file name or what not, but the file name kept changing. The crashes didn't seem to have any pattern as far as what I was doing or what applications were running.

2) Christmas started to roll around and I had things I had to get done. About that time the system just flat out would not start up. I would turn it on and it would crash in the middle of the boot process. It would then reboot and try again, rebooting again because of whatever hardware issue. It would to reboot over and over until I just shut it down.

3) I tried to pop in a live Linux CD to run a memory test and instead it would just freeze after being idle for a while. I would have to do a hard-reboot. By that point, I felt that my motherboard was going bad, but without a lot of time to check, I just bought a new system on Craigslist and that's what I'm using to write this post.

4) After a few weeks go by, I return my attention to this system. I try to turn it on and it won't even start.

5) I checked some info online about testing the motherboard and PSU. Using a multimeter I check the pins and they seem to be okay. You can see the thread about it here ( By their suggestion, I bought a motherboard speaker.

6) I received the speaker and installed it per my motherboard's manual. And still nothing (

The only response I get from the system is the green motherboard light and the CPU fan tries to kick on but stops immediately after the power button is hit.

My question is, do you think this board is dead or is there another test I can run to check if it still has signs of life, besides of course the green light?
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  1. If it has more than one stick of memory remove all but one, and substitute each to see if you have a faulty stick.
  2. I tried both sticks.. Same result.
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    I had an M2N-E that did the exact same thing....power on - green MB light came on and CPU fan ran for a few seconds - then shut down. In my case, it turned out to be a faulty CPU.
  4. Are there any other tests I can run to check for what might be bad?
  5. Since the MB and PSU checked out okay with your multitester, the only thing I can think of is substitution of parts (memory /CPU) to check it.

    I don't suppose the unit you bought off Craigslist shares any of those components?
  6. Nope.. Entirely different parts. Ah well.. If either the CPU or motherboard is bad, it's probably worth it just to build a new system.
  7. That's what I did. Maybe someone else will chime in with other suggestions. Good luck!
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