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Hello guys,

i am a new member of tomshardware and i would like to ask you about something i didn't quite understand! I am from greece so i would like to buy a graphic card similar to this one but from another company.


The thing is that i have a 500watt power supply and i would like to ask you Do i need to change my power supply and if yes can you recommend a cheap alternative??

Thank you for any answers!!
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  1. what make is the PSU?
  2. it is thermaltake if i correctly remember!!
  3. Welcome to the boards!

    Let me be the first to ask you - could you give us more details about the PSU - model,
    manufacturer, 12V rails amprerage and number (you can see those on the power
    supply itself, there should be a sticker)

    Helloworld beat me to it :)
  4. The problem here is that i am not at home right now and i cannot be sure about my psu!!I would be back in 10 days then i can inform about my current psu!!Is there a possibillity to run a 4870 card with 500 watt??
  5. Probably. But really more details are necessary for us to be able to give you a precise
    advise. If I have to answer "Will it run it based on the wattage alone?" - Yes.
  6. Well then i would be able to answer this in 10 days!!Thank you for now!!:D
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