Noisy Samsung Spinpoint F4 2TB

Hi guys,

I just assembled my HTPC today and got Windows 7 up and running. But I can't help but notice the extremely noisy Samsung F4 HDD that I put in there ( way more than the rated Bels).

When-ever it seeks, reads or writes I get this very distinct scratching noise (a bit like the sounds you get from the very old HDDs).

I can't figure out why this is happening. The case is a Xigmatek Asgard and I've used the tooless design to secure the drive in its bay

Has anyone got the same problem that I have? Does anyone have a solution?

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  1. Why do you expect it to be silent? For an HTPC I would think you would want to use a green drive or a drive made for A/V like these:
  2. Hello Hawkeye,
    Sorry I forget to mention that this is an eco drive and its noisier than my Seagate Baracuda that's in my CM690! Here's the link from where I bought it from (french website)
  3. Ok, that makes more sense. SilentPCReview gave it good marks for noise levels. See page 4 in this review.

    Well, if it's noiser than a barracuda, something may be wrong. If you're not happy with it and it's under warranty, I'd just make an image of the drive then send it in for an exchange. Now you can restore the image to the new drive and be done.
  4. It may also be that the case is amplifying and then resonating the vibrations. I going to try and shove some foam between the case and HDD to see if that makes a difference and report back afterwards.
  5. After apply some foam squares to the horizontal lips that are holding the HDD up the noise was reduced considerably, it was nearly inaudible.

    So the drive wasn't faulty nor abnormally noisy. The noise was coming from those lips that amplifies the sound.

    The downside of applying foam is that I can't secure the drive since it's slightly elevated from the screw holes. But, at least it's silent.

    Maybe I should get some rubber grommets to put under the HDD instead of the foam. They'll be thin enough for me to put the screws in.
  6. I'm surprised the Asguard doesn't already have rubber washer/grommets for attaching the drive. Anyhow, glad you didn't have to go through the hassle of returning the drive.
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