Possibly dead chaintech mystery board

Friend gave me and old machine that he doesn't remember what went wrong other than it doesn't boot. All I could discover about the board is that it has a jumper labeled 1-2 chaintech, 2-3 oem and it's an nforce2 chipset so I did some googleing and I believe it's an oem Chaintech 7NJS of some variety.
Here lies the problem:
It does nothing other than fans run.
tried new RAM, HD, PS, Video, etc to no evail.
Put the RAM from this board in another board and with all 3 sticks it shuts down immediately so I believe the RAM is shot.
So I'm guessing that the board is fried and it fried the RAM also.
Not sure about the Athlon XP 2600+, don't have a board to test it in.
I've got RAM, HD, Video, etc and found an ASROCK refurb board for $25 bucks but I'm not really willing to invest in a CPU.
Does my assessment sound correct and what are the chances the CPU survived?
Thought this would be a nice starter machine for my nephew.
Any suggestions, input or advice would be appreciated.

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  1. I would test the power supply on another system first. You can't test the ram or cpu without a new board, so it could be either or both. You'll just have to gamble $25. I would also check your local craigslist for combo deals.
  2. Tried another PSU and it still didn't boot. Not sure the PSU that came with it was the one that was in the machine when the problem occurred. Maybe a bad PSU fried it all.
    I've got an old Intel machine so I was able to test the RAM but not the CPU.
    Put all 3 sticks of RAM in the Intel machine and everyone would not post.

    I've repaired a lot of computers and I've never seen a board and RAM fry all at once.
    I guess it's the only conclusion I can come to at this time and hope for the best with the CPU.

    If the board and RAM are fried what are the chances the Athlon survived.

  3. Hard to say. I've found combo deals on craigslist as low as $30 for the cpu, motherboard, and ram. Then you'll know all 3 work together. If your board is socket 462, 3b tech has 2 models for $17.99 with free shipping. I've done business with them before. For cpus, check pricewatch or starmicro.
  4. Thanks for the info and advice. I just ordered the ASROCK KT400 board from 3b tech 2 minutes before your post. I'm glad to hear they are reliable.
    ASROCK is ASUS right? Are they reliable? I've only used one of their boards and it seemed to be of good quality and caused me no issues.

    Just looking for a way to piss away some money and case myself some frustration. I'm bored, and maybe my nephew will get a decent starter machine out of it.

    Thanks again,
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