For the love of god - Please Help me

Hey everyone out there - I'm having some problems with a new PC I just built (Actualy had MANY problems requiring 3 mobos, 2 psus, 2gpus and a few RMA's but thats mostly behind me :whistle: )

New PC build :

EVGA X58 Tri-sli mobo
Core i7 920
Corsair 750w PSU
6gb ocz gold cas-8 1600ram (only 2gb in the PC at the moment)
Sato 0 : OCZ vertex 128g
Sata 1 : Caviar Black 1TB
Sata 2 : LG CD/DVD drive

The issue I am having now is that when I try to get the PC to boot - it does a normal cycle but is quickly followed up with

"Detecting disk drives;Done;No drives found"

"Boot From CD :
Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter"

I have a windows vista 64bit OEM dvd in the DVD drive.

The BIOS dectects the drives
I have them set in standard IDE mode
I made sure all the cables are properly plugged in
I've changed around the boot order to just about every combination imaginable
I tried swapping the sata cables around to no avail
Countless CMOS resets

I'm thinking my BIOS has some default setting which is preventing me from going further ... or my cd/dvd or cd/dvd drive is garbage?
I don't know anymore - HELP? :(
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  1. Pull you're storage drive and try with just the OS drive and DVD.
  2. Make sure boot order is set to read DVD first - my say CD in BIOS - and I assume you have only one DVD or CD drive. Is it SATA or IDE?

    Change the BIOS for the SATA drive
    Display the OnChip PATA/SATA Device menu.
    On SATA Mode - change from IDE to AHCI
    As your manual states:
    "AHCI: Use the AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) to enable
    advanced SATA features for improved performance with NCQ and
    Hot-plug features"

    If that does not fix it, go to the first stickie in the Homebuilt forum, "READ before posting about boot problems! " and go through the procedures listed there.

    And maybe you should review it even if no problems. It is EXTEMELY unlikely that you would have as many component failures as you list, more likely a build issue.
  3. I was having a similar problem a couple of days ago where my HDD wasn't being recognized during BIOS thence not letting me install windows. I spent hours trying to find a solution online; mostly petitioning help from users who helped me in the past (Skora included) and making a lot of google searches--i.e. how do I format a HDD in BIOS?

    Have you tried updating/flashing your BIOS? You may need to download a BIOS update to a flashdrive (using a different computer, obv.) and then going into BIOS and updating it if you can. That was the last thing I tried before pulling my hard drive out and having it tested. Turns out it was DOA, as confirmed by a local PC shop that I brought it to. If you know that your BIOS is doing what it should, and that you have made the right adjustments, then as a last resort you could try what I did. Have each piece tested and don't throw out any boxes or receipts in the meantime.

    Good Luck!
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