Did i fry my mobo when i switched cases?

computer was a hp a300n. I needed a bigger case, a friend gave me an Asus case. I took my motherboard out, screwed it into the new one and connected the power supply. I put the fan into the motherboard, the 20 pin power into the motherboard, the cpu fan back into the motherboard. I then put in my graphics card (since have tried without it ). I connected the POWER SW, the RESET SW, the LEDs, and when I hit the switch on the front...nothing happens.
No juice.
I notice not even a light turns on on the motherboard, or a fan spins. I have tried a different known working power supply unit, nothing still. At one point I had heard a small click when I plugged in the power cord, but nothing now. Please help I need this computer running ASAP.

computer specs; hp pavilion a300n motherboard model ASUS A7N8X-LA
1gb ram, radeon x800 pro agp, no hard drives or optical connected because nothing happens anyway!! help!
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  1. Put it back in the HP case and try that.
  2. Well I took it out of the case and just connected it to the psu and everything started (fans, beeps for no memory, green light)
    so does this mean my mobo just wont be able to be put into that case? why is this?
  3. Reasons your motherboard might not power on in the new case:

    1.. Defective power button on the front of the case.

    2. You didn't install the motherboard properly in the case.
    (short out the motherboard power pins with a touch of the screwdriver. if it works then you know there's no short from the case, motherboard not grounded)

    3. In the new case, you didn't connect the wires properly from the case to the motherboard front panel header.
  4. 4. Didn't properly install the standoff's and one was shorting out the motherboard.
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