Plz Help me!!!!!

I have an Intel E 2160@1.80 GHz and i have a Intel DG41CN motherboard with Intel BIOS.
i want to overclock my processor but neither my BIOS nor my mobo is allowing me to do it.
Intel BIOS is outa question.
and my mobo is not supported by any softwares.......somebody please help me overclock my processor!!!!!!
Thanks in Advance:)
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  1. What software are you using
  2. I used almost every software in the market......
    they are clock gen, setfsb, cpucool,right-mark oc utility, and many many more.....but no positive result......
  3. Somebody Please help me!!!!!!!
  4. did you find the pll for setfsb? You may have to just pick every single one. then try to overclock a little bit. If it works then it works.

    but first you should try to figure out the pll if you dont mind opening your pc case. to figure out the pll read this. (or you could search help finding pll on motherboard on google)
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