Emachine T5234 upgrades?


I'm wondering what all upgrades i can do to this 2 year old computer. The cpu on it is a Athlon 64 X2 4000+. I've increased the
ram to 4gigs and installed a 8600gt card last year. I think it has a ECS MCP61PM-AM motherboard with a AM2 slot. Its got a 300watt psu.
And i just got a new monitor an Acer H2332H so ill be running 1920x1080 rez. Mostly doing some online gaming like Champions right now. Would it be worth the trouble to find a better cpu, say a 6000+ or 6400+. Would i notice much difference from the 6000 to the 6400. With the 300 watt
psu what would be the best video card that i could run without getting a new psu? Then if i got a better psu what would be the best card to run
then? Just wondering if its worth the trouble to try in update this computer or try it found a better one. I've never built a computer so kinda
of worrysome about doing that.

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  1. might get to an 8800 maybe.....big maybe

    and if u got say a 450 watt PSU i would say get a 4750 but then u would end up bottlenecking with old CPU
  2. Thanks for the replies. I'll have to check out those links.
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