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Hello how can i repair my mother board if i turn it on it will turn off,i thought it is other part of the computer but i try and other board it is fined,,sorry my english is not good,,by the way the problem is if i turn it on it will turn off...pls email me at ...tnx
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  1. You might need to reset the cmos.
  2. Welcome to the forums!

    It could be your power supply.
    By the way, don't post your email in an open public forum on the internet. That is just not a wise thing to do.
  3. hello kiara_dee try to check the temperature of your processor by going to the CMOS setup and and i think that is located in the health monitor or monitor.. If it reaches to 80-higher degrees Celsius, try to check your heat sink check and place it very well be sure to eliminate the gap between the surface of the processor and the bottom of the heat sink if you have a thermal paste don't for get to use it.

    ok until then..
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