Having 2 OS's: One on a SDD and another on a HDD

I'll be using the SSD for myself and others who look at porn and such can use the HDD. My question is if they get a virus while using the OS from the HDD will I have anything to worry about on the SSD?

Side Note: One has W7 Home while the other has W7 Ultimate.
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  1. Yes you will. If the HDD OS is running and can see the SSD OS as a drive, an infection will see that drive too.

    I personally have a half-assed approach to this. I went into the Drive Mangler in the HDD OS, found the SSD's OS partition, and did a Remove Drive Letter. That's Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management, then select Disk Management. Right click on the picture of the partition (bottom-right pane), select Change Drive Letter and Paths, and click Remove (this is written from XP, your tab names may vary).

    A casual attack that only uses drives with visible letter's won't see it. A sophisticated attack just might.
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