H60 Fans - Mixing fans, proper setup and new fans?

Hey everyone,

I think this will be the final question I have for my first build...

I setup my H60 at first using only the stock Corsair fan that came with the cooler pulling in cool outside air. My CPU idle temps are around 26-30c with this setup. I then thought that adding the stock Cooler Master fan to make it a pull-push would be a good idea but my temps are the same. I then realized that the Corsair H60 fan probably didn't have the same specs as the Cooler Master fan such as RPM etc, which seems like a bad thing.

This raises several questions for me that I can't figure out and would like for you experts to answer :)

Here are the questions I have:

- Is it okay to use the stock Corsair fan along with the stock Cooler Master fan in the pull-push?

- Would it be better to buy two Scythe Gentle Typhoon (1850 rpm) fans (or any other better fans) and use those instead of either of the above?

- Is it okay to plug one fan into CPU_FAN1 and the other into CPU_FAN2?

- Is it better to setup the air-flow as intake (pull-push) bringing air into the case or exhaust (push-pull) to take it out of the case? (seems like intake so cooler air is coming in)

Everyone seems to recommend the Scythe's like these: ... (Anywhere that has these cheaper or is this the best price?)

What do you guys recommend for the fan setup and whether intake/exhaust?

Hope I got the terms right ... still learning!

Here's a picture of the case (Sorry about the quality):

Also, here are the Cooler Master and Corsair H60 Fan specs that I could find:

Cooler Master:

Rear Fan: 120 mm fan x 1 / 1200 RPM / 17 dBA


Fan Dimensions: 120mm x 25mm

Fan Speed: Up to 1700 RPM

Fan Airflow: 74.4 CFM

Fan dBA: 30.2 dBA

Fan Static Pressure: 3.2mm/H20

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  1. no, no , no ,,, exhaust!!! even if you only had 1 fan in your system, you would want it to be an exhaust fan.

    your pinkish red fan at front should be intake. if you set your radiator fan to intake as well, you will have build up inside, both fans will suck it up, and you will have high temps.

    There is a reason that 90+% of folks use a front/sides:intake. rear/top:exhaust... it works.

    as for cpufan1 and cpufan2 i cant give a clear answer on that. i only have one cpufan, and one sys fan. My cooler already came with dual fans, and are wired together. Id think you want fan RPMs to match, so perhaps just experiment with that one.

    as for replacement fan brands. most everyone seems to go with those scythe, or coolermaster fans.
  2. Thanks -

    I went back to one fan for the radiator for now (Corsair) and it seems to be doing good ... my currently stock i5-2500k idles at 28-30c.

    My 580's are idling around 40c and with Metro 2033 on maxx settings for a while they went up to 70c...

    Currently my only exhaust fan is the top fan ... I have to run some stress tests to see what real temps will be and make some decisions then lol
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    all your temps are fine, dont worry about them! itll drive you crazy, lol 28-30 for idle is great. just set like 55C as your high limit. i think that the intel chips can handle more heat than the amd. amd chips shouldnt go above 65( articles say 61) either way, great temps.

    as for your vid cards, those are great temps too. since you have that SLI set up, just watch the temps on your top card. There is very little room between it, and your second card. this is sort of a design flaw of SLI'ing rigs. a side panel fans can just about eliminate that issue.
  4. Your CPU has good idle temps, although your max temps could vary greatly independent of your idle temps... the Intel i5 2500k has a TJMax of 98C so im sure your CPU temperatures are fine. (I wouldnt go above 85C though)

    Mrthorp covered it for your GPUs.
  5. Thanks guys :) ... I actually put the extra fan that I removed from the radiator setup on the bottom of the case as an extra intake. Seems like my GPU is a degree or two cooler already so that's a good thing.

    I'm going to do some testing tomorrow and see how it handles a longer period of time!
  6. do you have a side panel at vid card level? if your temps get hot, id move fan from bottom, to the side, remaining an intake.
  7. Yep I have 200mm side panel as an intake as well as front. Bottom fan is now a 120mm intake :)
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