ASUS SABERTOOTH 55i vs asus maximus III formula

Ok ive purchased everything for my build except the mobo and ram.

ive narrowed my choices down to these two motherboards. im not ever going to overclock and i have a hd5870 also possibly a recommendation for a cpu cooler for and i7 860 and i will not be overclocking

the first asus sabertooth 55i


the second asus maximus III formula

or the third maximus III gene

or possibly another board i have a $300 budget

pls help!!!

also possibly recommendations on my ram a 4gb kit
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  1. why look on those expensive motherboards if your not gonna overclock??

    i would advise you to look at the cheaper models like asus p7p55d or something in that range.

    a good cpu cooler would be the cm hyper 212+.
  2. i really have no idea why i was looking at the maximus it just had so many nice options. the sabertooth on the other hand just excelled in all of the reviews ive read online about the board. but if another high quality board can be recommended than im more than willing to take your considerations.
  3. wondering if any1 had any info on choosing the right mobo
  4. well are you planning on doing crossfire in the future? do you want usb 3.0 and sata3?
  5. negative on both accounts
  6. would any1 like to comment on the thread a perference or ?
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    I was looking at several boards and I am choosing the sabertooth based on great reviews, I haven't seen too many negative things said about it yet.
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