Ok Fried the CPU is the rest ok?

Hi guys

As the title says ive killed my cpu and would jus like to know if there is a chance it could of killed the mobo?

right so here is the story:

i was just putting together my old P4 (sckt 775) rig, it needed a new HSF because the little pins on the HSF snaped so it didnt make full contact with the CPU well i knew this was going to be stupid but hell i did it anyway, i placed the HSF on top of the CPU and closed the last remaing pin down.

i then fired her up and there was no display, but i quick found the culpret of that, which was the monitor lead a quick wiggle and all was good, so i managed to get it to work then i put in a new HDD cause i put in the wrong one. so after that i fired it up again, the wire must of come loose but i managed to get it to work again (it took me about 30 secs to get the wire in the right place,this part will have relivence soon )

then i thought "ok all is good lets assemble the CD-drive ect) then fire it up, then she started looping. by that i mean start up and then run a little then shut down then restart, i automatically come to the conclusion the CPU had over heated due to inproper contact. all that time i took sorting the wire out built up heat that i was trying to avoid.

so anywho i took off the HSF it was cold to touch where as the CPU was very hot.

so i gave it one last boot to check everything was ok, big mistake (i was planning on buying a new HSF tomorrow for it)

to stop it from looping from over heating i applied some presure to the HSF with my hand so it made contact with the CPU. now im no expert but could i of shorted something maybe? if so any tell tale sign?

i fired it up, it started looping so i went to turn it off but it automatically just shut off like a split second before i got to the switch .... i knew something was not right.

so i though to myself ah what hell lets power it on again, no display.... no matter how much wiggling i done lol

so i removed the CPU, it was cold but noticed a slight brown spot on the underside of it..... it was leaking some kind of oli residue so im guesing its fried.

Now i know it was stupid of me for doing akk of the above, i thought that the Throttle Control on the 775 CPU would be ok for a quick POST and i am now wishing i quit while i was ahead lol

so going back to my question, would it be safe to say if i was to buy a new CPU everything will be ok or am i looking at a bigger bill?

Thanks in advance



Mobo is an:

MSI 7091 v2 (OEM)


Advent T9206
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  1. if u fried the cpu, there's a fairly high chance it killed mobo socket as well
  2. ahhh man dont say that :(

    anyway to tell?


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