I5 2500k motherboard?

Hello, I am going to be paying somebody to build me a PC and he has sent me the quote, it contains the i5 2500k processor (which I wanted 100%) but it also says the motherboard he will include is a Socket LGA 1156 H55H-M Motherboard.

After doing some research on this motherboard I heard that it does not have the processor multiplier option on the bios. If this is the case then the 2500k will be useless because I cant change the multiplier to overclock.

Can anybody confirm if this is true and if it is can you suggest another motherboard I could get? I would like the other motherboard to have the ability to change the multiplier and preferably be future proof.
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  1. OMG, do NOT let this person build a computer for you!!!!!

    You need an 1155 socket MB, use a P67 or Z68, both will be fine.
  2. oh my god thankyou! I never even noticed that either! And yeah the graphics card I will be getting for moderate gaming is the Sapphire HD 6670, so integrated graphics are not needed. Do you have any suggestions for a motherboard?
  3. Ahh, some more news has come to light. Apparantly he told me the wrong motherboard and the actual motherboard he will be using is: Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2-B3 H61, and he says to use ASRock Z68 Pro3 will cost me £90 extra.

    First thing I noticed is this is a H chipset so once again I cannot overclock.. and the second thing I have noticed is the Gigabyte board costs £53.19 on amazon, and a ASRock Z68 Pro3 (which looks great for overclocking and other things on videos) costs £86.46. Roughly a £33 difference and he wants to charge me an extra £90?
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