Nvidia 9600 GT PCI E x16

I'm planning on getting One of those as I've been told they are the best bang for your buck graphics wise. As far as I'm aware my mother board only supports PCI slots and I need a PCI E. I would like to know what kind of mother board I would need to buy to support it. I have no real clue about building pcs and when I started looking for this graphics card there was this one and that one and the other, a whole variety of the same 9600 and it really confuses me as to what's what and which is the best of them and what is compatible with what.. it really makes my mind hurt

My current system is:
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Procesor 3800+ 2.4GHz
Nvidia Geforce 6100 nForce 405
2814 MB Ram

I would be grateful if someone could dumb down the whole thing and maybe even just link me two things I should buy and get installed :D

Thanks very much in advance..

p.s. sorry for the long winded not really explanatory subject title.
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  1. The nFoce 6100 chipsets support a 16x PCI-E slot (though it only has 8x lanes for it) so you should be able to put your 9600GT in there. Open your computer and see if you have a PCI-E slot first. It will look different from the PCI slots. If your CPU is socket 939 then you're better off buying a cheap CPU/motherboard combo than trying to find a motherboard for it. If it's AM2, the just about any AM2/AM2+ board should support it.
  2. 'The nFoce 6100 chipsets support a 16x PCI-E slot (though it only has 8x lanes for it)'

    how does having only 8 lanes affect it?

    Also looking at the graphics cards while deciding which version to buy I notice they all have different 'connectivities' are the HDMI, S-Video, DVI slots where I need to plug in my monitor once I install the graphics card and if so How do I find out which my monitor uses?

    Also I have a budget of about £150 maybe a tad bit more, is there any card that would be better then a 9600 that I should consider?

    Sorry for all these noobish questions but it is my first time delving into upgrading my pc and I want to do it right :S
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