Will my C2D E8200 bottleneck a HD6850?

my current graphics card is HD4770, 4gb RAM, ASUS P5K SE/EPU, 600w PSU, 22" monitor
will my E8200 @ 3.6Ghz bottleneck a HD6850? will there be a big difference?
i was thinking of playing upcoming games hopefully on a decent settings like AC:Revelation, CoD:mw3, BF3 with good fps like 30
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  1. You should be fine for most apps/games. Of course, your system is rather dated. Might be time to start thinking about updating your rig.
  2. At 3.6 you'll be fine,no need to worry.
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    No no no your are fine with what you have and at 3.6ghz you got a little wiggle room even for a higher end card but sli and crossfire may as well be out of the option. I got a e7200 that I nuked to 3.53ghz and it holds a gtx 460 up just fine.
  4. Thanks for the answer guys, I was also planning on updating my rig next year. So im starting on my graphics card first then the mobo+ram+cpu. Thanks!
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