Whats a good mobo for a Q6600

I need another mobo as this one is getting a bit faulty I think. Currently I have a ASUS P5K mobo and if I have left the computer off overnight or for a longer period and switch it back on, the computer just keeps coming on and off by itself after the first 5 seconds. It will switch off then switch back on and keeps doing this automaticcaly. It does this before it even shows the windows loading screen or detects all my stuff connected. So I have to leave it on and sometimes it doesnt even go off like this either. I'm just looking to replace the mobo with another one.

This one is about 3 years old now and it gets a little warm too at 50 degrees celsius idle. Whats another good board to get that is reliable and doesnt get too hot and has plenty of usb connections and one (or more preferably) e-sata connections at the back of it?

I'd prefer to order it online too. With a new case even. Whats a good case that keeps it cool?
I have a Radeon 256g mb 2600XT graphics card in this one too and it doesnt have fans.

Is it hard to put a comp together with a new mobo?
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  1. You may want to look at the foxconn ELA p45 board for about $77 shipped at newegg. It won't have as many bios options for overclocking as the asus, but may have everything else you need. There are fewer ddr2 p45 boards now, even at newegg. For the case, you can't beat the antec 300 for value; frys.com has it for $49.99 with free shipping.
  2. I'm in UK so looking to get one from here
    Also does it have to be DDR2?
    Is DDR2 memory being replaced with DDR3 as standard now?

    I have 2x 1gb Kingston DDR2 mem sticks in this Asus P5K board.
  3. I would wait for your next cpu upgrade to go with ddr3; it's so expensive right now. At least sell your old ddr2 first. The 775 processors work fine with ddr3, but you won't notice any performance improvement.
  4. I'm not interested in overclocking I just want one that is reliable and does the job. I mostly watch HD movies on it and download files. I wanna transfer all my components from this mobo to the new one. Will it still take DDR2? or do new mobos only support other memory types?
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