CM Hyper212+ slightly tilted

Got my 212+ today , mounted it on my p8p67 pro. i'm sure i followed the instructions properly but its is tilted by a few degrees. The heatsink itself seems to be secure and doesnt wobble. Prime95 temps at load are about 62 degrees. It seems normal. Should I be concerned about the tilt ?
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  1. Is the plate contacting the cpu on tight? as long as that is on correctly you are ok, if thats slightly off I.E. not touching the cpu properly, you need to remount it,
    it may be that theres some bending on the pipes but I'd rather be sure I had good flat contact with the hotplate
  2. yea the plate seems tight . Here's a pic

    Will remove the fans n have a look again
  3. that tilted... id say you are ok. i thought you meant crooked as in leaning tower of Pisa crooked.
    The biggest thing is making sure the baseplate is flat and square to the CPU, id call what you have is "rotated" a few degrees, not crooked. but either way, you should be alright.
  4. Yes, I'd say skewed, not tilted
    you have enough of the cpu covered there so function-wise should be fine, although I would wonder why its as badly skewed as that, they're supposed to be square on, if you remove it at any point try twisting it gently round maybe
  5. yea my bad :( it probably got skewed as i tightened the screws. nonetheless i removed the screws n fixed it right

    thanks for the responses.
  6. No probs, glad to help man,
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