New rig question.

So in our last adventure, I set out to build a new gaming rig
I7-2600k @ 3.8GHz
Asus Max Extrem-Z mobo
Tri SLI EVGA GTX 580 3GB @ stock settings.
16GB Gskill Ripjaw 1600mhz
2TB Western Digital Caviar Black
all packed into a Haf X 942 with
3x200 mm fans(1 side intake, 2 top exhaust)
1 rear 140mm exhaust
1 front 230mm intake

with a COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 running 2 fans for a push pull system.

While my CPU runs at 30c idle and 55c full load,

My video cards are running at 40-50c idle and 87+c full load, I am running 3 24" monitors in surround at 5760x1080

I have the EVGA percision software set to ramp up the fans by 10% per 10C of tempture increase, I am still concerned they are running to warm for an exteneded period of time and I am wondering what you guys think, and If you would switch out to liquid cooling and how many radiators I would need to cool a rig like this?
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  1. First off thats an awesome system!

    87 C is quite warm... verging on hot. If you are interested in liquid cooling, I would say go for it! If not, then just speed up your fans a little more and maybe try to improve your case airflow.

    I would say to cool jus the 3 GPU's you would want at least 2x360mm of radspace...

    Keep in mind though, if you want full cover blocks for your GPUs, its going to be costly... like 300$ just for the blocks...

    What is your budget like?
  2. I do not have a hard budget at this time, I really do not want to spend more than $1000 to $1500, since my case space is limited to a single 360 internal I thought about getting the Dangerdan external radiator mount, since it willhold 3x360 rads.
  3. You can do this for less than 1000$ i bet.

    Are you interested in going with full cover or universal GPU blocks?

    Also, you could go with something like

    which is esentially the same as the dangerden one just not quite as pretty... but its about 60$ cheaper.

    Do you plan on cooling your CPU as well?

    What radiators are you interested in?

    If you plan on cooling your CPU as well, i would just go with 3 3x120mm rads for solid cooling performance.

    Also, this will be a fairly restrictive loop, so two pumps may be in order.
  4. Full cover blocks, with backplates so it looks nice too,
    that rad holder is nice and would work just as good as the danger den as it will be setting on my desk next to my computer,
    I thought about cooling my CPU, just depends on what it took to cool my GPUs as they are the priority, As far as rads I have no idea, I have read the sticky and all the reviews of rads but as time goes on, they all look the same to me, I just know I want to keep the whole loop copper and use compression fittings, as for 2 pumps I see no problem with it as long as the chasse supports housing them
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    Your off to a good start then, the sticky is very helpful.

    Well, if you go through the effort to cool the 3 GPUs i would recommend cooling the CPU as well... its not a lot of extra cost (maybe 100$ for fittings, block, and more tubing) and its definitely worth it if you want to do any overclocking, or just want the extra cooling power.

    Do you have two drive bays open? You could run two pumps and reservoirs in something like this...

    and 2 MCP 35x's

    Or a dual bay Laing D5 res with two MCP 655's would work just as well... and probably be cheaper, but you would have to find a dual bay res with D5 pump housings inside the res, instead of DDC housings.

    The rads i would recommend would be...


    If noise is not an issue go with 3x these and 2000RPM fans...

    If you want serious cooling capabilites then these would be great...


    You could do push/pull with fans on all of these rads, but it wouldnt be necessary... even though it would be awesome. You will definitely want some fans though. I would recommend 1000RPM + with high static pressure and good CFM...
  6. I have like 6 open bays in my case, but the problem is since my case will only hold 1 360 rad, it would be a LONG run from pump to rad to cards from inside my case to the rads in the external chasse back into my case. I was thinking of mounting the pump/rez at the side of the external rad holder.
  7. That is a good option as well... from the videos I saw on youtube, the radiator stand has tons of holes in the side for mouting pumps and reservoirs.

    I would just mount the two pumps and a res on the outside of the radiator stand and then put all 3 rad in the stand instead of two in the stand and one in the case... This may make your build a bit cleaner and would probably make your tubing run less complex.
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