What do you do with old home builds?

I'm planning on putting together a new Core i7 build even if I don't really need it. The draw of building new systems is so strong! I love to do it and can't hold myself back. The gaming increase is my biggest draw as is just building it at all. I love putting together systems. :)

My current PC is really nice. It has an E8400 processor, a good Gigabyte P35 board, and 4 GB of RAM. Currently it has a 4870 GPU, but I want to remove that and go 4870 X-fire for my new build until the new DX11 GPUs are released and are setup with better than stock coolers. I would replace my GPU with either a Radeon x1900xt or an 8800 GTS (92) 512 which I have in storage.

I've recently built systems for both my father and sister and they don't require more. I don't have much need of a second system either.

Would it be a good idea to donate my current computer to a local High School? I know some in the area are adding more IT focuses classes, so maybe they would benefit from a beefy computer that they otherwise wouldn't have.

Any advice on who to donate it to would be very appreciated. I don't want it to go to waste and would love to see it used by a school.
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  1. Not sure how much good one system is going to do for a school, but you can certainly check it out. Other options that I can think of would be local youth centers, churches, homeless shelters.

    If you have the time, maybe ask the youth center/church if they would allow you to offer a class on system building and use the system for that.

    Kudos to you for wanting to donate it for a good cause.

    -Wolf sends
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