New mobo/ram

Phenom II X3 720
Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev.2
260 GTX
Corsair 720

I am looking for a mobo and RAM for the above hardware.

Would this be a good choose and fit if it has to be in that price range?
Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P
OCZ Reaper HPC Edition Dual Channel - (2 x 2 GB ) DIMM 240-pin DDR2 1066 MHz / PC2-8500 CL5 2.1 V
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  1. That motherboard you chose only supports DDR3 (and I don't see a reason to go DDR3 in this case)

    Try its 'sister' board:

    And for memory, maybe go with what everyone else is buying:
  2. Hold off for a few days and you should see some pretty sweet combos with the 720, they all ended last night unfortunately. Get the DDR3 board and this ram, while it costs a bit more it gives you a bit more longevity for the system as you will be able to use the ram for your next upgrade or system.
  3. Have you already purchased the listed hardware?

    Since you are going Nvidia GPU, I'd go for either of these AMD 770 AM3 mobos.

    This is a good DDR3 kit
  4. Yup I already got the rest of the hardware.
    I am kinda felling @skora right now,


    -but I can't buy of neweeg (outside US) and can't find the G.SKILL RAM anywhere, so how about these -

    Thanks guys keep it coming...
  5. I can't edit so... :ange:
    How many case fans do the GA-MA770T-UD3P support? And does the BIOS offer fan speed control?
  6. For ram, get at least ddr3 1333 mhz. The other 2 important factors are the CAS and the voltage. Cas 7 is a good target (cuz lower is better) and if you can get 1.5, that's best. So I'd keep looking for a different ram kit keeping cas and voltage in mind. If you have to choose, the cas will have a bigger effect on perfromance. The voltage effects power cost in the long run and heat generation in the case.

    Looks like onboard, theres 1 cpu fan, and 2 sys fan plugs. That came from the manual from gigabyte. 8 meg download if you want to view it.

    As far as editing your post, you have to do that through the Toms hardware portal that posted in the first place, and not just where you view it from. When i get an email notification from Toms UK, I can't edit my post, but if I go back to the US toms, then view the thread, I can edit my post in there. Clear as mud?
  7. Yes, clear as mud :ouch: and thanks for the manual.

    The thing is I would be fine with one PCIEX16 slot, 6 SATA connectors is fine to, I am using 5 now, so maybe 8 would not hurt.
    I got a stupied big case (I like it) 1 pwr_fan and 4 sys_fan is needed, might as well get a mobo that supports it.

    I am thinking about @trentdk's suggestion with AM2+ (just something that support more case fans) and DDR2...I am on a buget buy.

    The buget I am aming for is about 170 U$ if possible (about because I took out the tax I got to pay etc.).
  8. I don't think I've ever seen a mobo with 4 sys_fans + pwr_fan (+ cpu_fan), though I'm not a fan of fans (ah ha) and have never looked for one.

    My first instinct in that situation would be to get adapters for the PSU molex connections for the fans, which I'm sure you already have :)
  9. I know, I had a look around and seems impossible find anything like that :pt1cable: I have a m2n32-sli mobo that support that number of fans, which just means easy fan control, but I will just do the molex (only) thing if I needed. I will go with a cheap AM2+ and stick to my old old old RAM blocks. Only reason I got the X3 was because I was led to belilve that it would work and do well in my old mobo that was not the case goddammit.

    Ok, thanks guys. :bounce:
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