Remember Password Checkbox in Windows XP - not IE

how do I avoid having to fill in my password at every startup?
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  1. teifibanc said:
    how do I avoid having to fill in my password at every startup?

    You don't. That is the prupose of the password, to make you enter it.

    Would it make sense to have a password established, then give an option to automatically bypass it ?
  2. it remembered my password until recently, so I don't know what's changed.
  3. How so?
  4. If you do not need to keep people from having access just reset the password to the enter key (Blank) -- then all you have to do is hit enter to log in.
  5. teifibanc said:
    How so?

    I haven't used tweakui in years, but there used to be a setting where you could choose the account and set it to auto login. It has other useful features too.
  6. thanks, I'll try that
  7. As JDFan stated, you can also remove your password. You would just need to hit ENTER when the password box shows up. TweakUI can bypass this automatically since it will know which account to auto login as.

    Personally, I don't recommend either option as it's a security risk. Why have a password if you are going to bypass it?Perhaps if it were a standard user account, but an admin account should definately have a password and no auto login.
  8. ok thanks for that
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