Good heatsink for mATX case, LGA 1156 socket?

I'm trying to build a small, coolrunning Core i7-860 rig, which uses socket LGA 1156, and all in this micro ATX case:

The limitation is that I only have 100mm of height clearance between the CPU and the PSU, so any heatsink above 100mm won't fit in the case. And unfortunately, most good heatsinks are taller than that.

I'm having a hell of a time trying to find an after market fan/heatsink that meets these two conditions:

- Low profile (under 100mm)
- LGA 1156 compatible.

After many hours of searching, I only came across two viable solutions:
Scythe Big SHURIKEN Low Profile

And the Cooljag Falcon II

Are these it? Does anyone have any other recommendations?
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  1. maybe corsair h50 watercooler? its a bit more expensive but it should fit.
  2. This site used to do low profile, but changed it to low noise. Still looks like theres a number of low profiles in their quick picks. But spend some time on this site. They do lots of testing and reviews, I'm sure you'll be able to find one that meets your objectives.
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