OCz Vertex 3 slow boot (splash screen)

First of I would like to introduce myself on here as its my first time posting. My name is Adam and I'm from the UK :).

I have a OCz Vertex 3 120GB and its super fast but I have one problem with it. . . it hangs for ages on the Windows splash screen once it hits the desktop its perfect I did a random read in AIDA64 and the average read was 362mb/s with a block size of 64kb.

I'm not sure if its stuck on a driver or if there is a setting in the bios to speed it up. Is this common?
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  1. welcome to the forums

    I have a vertex2 and it does the same thing. At first I was concerned but then i looked on youtube and the windows logo splash screen apparently has a timer on it or something. Theres also disabling services that can be found here

    And if you have a desktop that's a solid color then that can cause it to hang too
  2. I have had a read of the link you gave me but I can't seem to find the section on the boot delay timing. I timed it starting this morning and its takes 33 seconds from the start of the splash to desktop. I have a Logitech MX revolution mouse and Logitech illuminated keyboard, half way through the splash the back lights on the keyboard will go out for a few seconds I don't know if that has anything to do with it?
  3. If the system is hanging at the splash then there are multiple startups going on along with hardware initializations. Shut down(delay) as many startups and try a regular PS2 keyboard/mouse, and unhook power leads to other hardware to narrow down the causes.

    It's usually a cumulative thing with maybe one or two things that cause the most issue. I'd start with the keyboard hardware/drivers.
  4. Also disable the GUI boot, will speed things up.
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