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Okay, I had Windows 7 on my PC, and I'm a student at Hinds CC, so I had access to Windows 8 on Dreamspark.com. I downloaded, upgraded, certified, registered, etc. I installed some updates the first week and now everytime I try to finish it, it gets to 100%, then restarts, then when it is configuring them it fails, always. I can't get around this.

Is there a solution to this? Is this a common bug or problem? Where can I download the updates manually and find the ones I need. Please help me, I just got Windows 8 and I would like it to work somewhat well.
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  1. Can you boot into Windows or did it get stuck in an endless configuring updates loop?

    There's a Windows Update Troubleshooter at Microsoft's support site; the MS support engineers posting on their support forums also give a stock answer to try a system restore.
  2. I can get into it eventually, but it does it every time I try to update. For now I have updates disabled (just let it notify me when they are released) and I'm going to try to manually install all the updates. I just installed Windows 8 (upgrade) like a week ago, so I don't know when I would restore it to. I've tried the update troubleshooter, it claimed to fix it, but then it still did it.

    Any more advice or help?
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