Help: e7400 system, Hd rendering - i7 or ATI 48XX series?

So I was looking at upgrading from my current E7400 system to a i-7 (860 or 920 not yet sure) system and was in a big box store (gasp). The friendly tech rep suggested that since I really am only looking at speeding up rendering of HD family movies and don't game much, that instead of looking at a new system I should instead upgrade to the ATI 48XX series or Nvidia GTS series. He suggested that would help. Now, I have read several posts that the vid card really doesn't do much for HD rendering, and hence my search for a new i7 system. Am I wrong here? If I should get a new I7 system, I will likely get a 860 series since I don't know enough to overclock, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What do you have for a motherboard? And what software do you use to render the video?
    You could probably just upgrade to one of the Quad Core CPUs like the Q9550.
  2. As far as I remember the E7400 is a 1333mhz FSB, which would allow for an Upgrade to a Q9550, as said above.
    The Q9550 will improve performance tenfold in rendering apps.
    As far as GFX cards go, the ATI 48xx series are brilliant Value for money, but I would strongly suggest investing in a 58xx series card. When Video Rendering software hits DX11 you will see a HUGE boost in speed and quality of the rendering.
  3. Thanks for the help. My desktop is a Dell 530 so no good to upgrade to a quad processor. The software is Sony Vegas studio and Pinnalcle Studio 12. So to be clear, the vid card does help render avchd files to divx? Thanks
  4. I don't believe Pinnalcle Studio 12 gets any GPU performance boost benefits. I'll check on Sony Vegas.
  5. There is a plug in for SonyVegas 9 - GPU Decoder
    Allows for GPU accelerated encoding - but only on Nvidia hardware - not ATI (like the 48XX)
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