Dell motherboard quit, so I need a new motherboard and cpu combo

I've been looking for a replacement motherboard because my dell started acting up The fan starts revving up really high Rev's and the system locks up Its weird because I turned the whole computer on its side and now its working But the fan is still occasionally revving up high and then going back down. I reseated the cpu and the heatsink, and that seemed to be a temporary fix.

Anyway, I've been looking for a replacement motherboard/cpu combo for an empty box I have in my closet. I picked the Gigabite GA-MA770-UD3 along with the AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition (it comes with its own heatsink). I also picked 4GB of memory G.SKILL 2x2GB 240 DDR2 SDRAM 1066, and the antec 430 watt power supply (EA430). I'm not rich or anything, and was wondering if this is a good combination for just everyday use and a few heavy duty games. If my old P4 Pentium can run these games, this thing should. Any advise on this stuff, thank you very much ahead of time.
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  1. The total cost of this, btw is 273.97. Dell wants 187 dollars for a refurbished replacement motherboard. I thought that was too much. I was playing a game called Darkstar One when the Dell quit and started acting up. Its the heaviest game I have.
  2. 1. I'm not sure if you will need a new case as the Dell cases have a non ATX pin lay our.

    2. No way, screw Dell. DO NOT get a refurb board.

    3. If possible pick up a cheap/decent case for ~$20-60 if you don't already have one.

    4. Everything else, should work fine.

    5. Also, you will need to re install and you MAY need to get a new copy of your OS as the current Dell copy may not activate. If you need an OS grab the Win 7 RC here:

    6. Don't forget, you need a GPU if you don't already have one. The UD3 DOESN'T have on board vid.
  3. I have a ati pci express card. A big one. 1900. I can salvage that, and the sound card is a soundblaster. But even if that doesn't work, that motherboard has a built in.

    Also, I'm hoping that I can just plug in my hard drive. Its a sata. If microsoft doesn't like the license, maybe I can call them up and explain what happened.
  4. If not, I think I even have an old copy of windows xp laying around. Thanks alot for the verification. I was worried about the hardware compatibility.
  5. Quote:
    But even if that doesn't work, that motherboard has a built in.

    GA-MA770-UD3 dosen't have a on board video.

    As for the OS/HDD it will not work or even boot right due to different drivers,etc. Try booting in safemode if you have problems. Last solution to this would be to re-install or repair install.
  6. This didn't work for me on my upgrade, but maybe it will for you.

    If you have some more to spend, this would be a great start:

    AMD 720x3 $120

    MSI 770 AM3 $65 amir

    Gskill 4gig DDR3 cas 7 1.5-1.6v $75

    Corsair 400w PSU $45 amir

    Total is $335 - $25 mir.

    If thats too much, with the same ram and PSU, get this combo:
    AMD 250 and MSI 770

    That total is $274-$25 mir = $249
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